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How to choose the best security system for your small business in Boulder

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If you own a small business, including a Boulder restaurant or salon, it’s on you to figure out its security. Vandalism and larceny can force you to close up the business for a few days. Alternatively, shoplifting or employee misconduct will hurt your livelihood and make your business an awkward location to be.

Picking the right security system for your small business in Boulder can make all the difference for your mental well-being. But what should you seek out in a business security system?

Pass DIY and go with a tailor-made security system for your Boulder small business

To save a few bucks, it’s common to choose to install some DIY security cameras or glass break sensors. This option could be a passable solution for a security system, but these do-it-yourself solutions rarely offer the type of assurance you deserve. You could still stay up at night concerned about if you installed suitable equipment or suitable sensors. Or you might end up with a hodge-podge of brands that may not work well together. And on the chance that anything goes on the fritz, you're stuck repairing or replacing the parts yourself.

Rather, choose a professional company that can craft the best-suited security system for your Boulder small business. Forego devoting days figuring out where and how to set up all the equipment, let a specialist handle all the hard stuff for you.. You forego having to labor for hour after hour to get the right camera lines of sight or determine if your storeroom could use a smart lock. You'll know for the start that everything is working properly, and if a component happens to go out, you can get an expert to come to you and repair the problem.

Wireless security cameras can help you check in off-hours

Naturally, the best security system for small businesses in Boulder comes with a security camera system. Effective video surveillance will assist with security, employee productivity, and customer service. Modern security systems do let you watch live feeds via a mobile phone app.

The problem for many small business managers is that you might not be able to mount security cameras into the building. In this example, wireless cameras may suit you well and can be just as effective. Put a camera angled at checkout counters, exits, storerooms, or other areas of interest encumbered by wires. Then have your video segments and recordings sent to the cloud for your convenience. And if your cameras sense some unusual motion after hours, they can send you a message directly to your phone.

Get help quickly with 24/7 security monitoring

A must-have for business security -- and an option not guaranteed to be included with DIY devices -- is always on alarm monitoring. If an alarm or safety sensor triggers, your monitoring experts will be there and notify emergency response. This added tier of alertness promises the police or fire department will be on their way to your business ASAP. You can freely go on vacation, knowing you have your monitoring team watching over your security.

Get the best security system for your small business in Boulder

The best security system for your small Boulder business comes from Vivint and Vivint. Call today, and a Vivint expert will evaluate your business security use and custom-build the perfect system for your business. Call (720) 807-9203 or send in the form below to get your security needs met.